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Amber Blake

Player Gemma
Other Aliases Bulletproof / Blockade
Species Human / Fay
Gender Female
Age 26 (Born June 14th 1971)
Height 5'9
Ethnicity African American
Star Sign Gemini
Place of Origin Washington DC
Occupation Bartender at the Blue Moon / Struggling Superhero
Relationships Christina Delacy
Known Abilities Force Fields

Laser Beams (Eyes)

Fay Superhero Form (Ballgown and Battle Axes)

Fay Animal Form (Anthropomorphic Tiger with Black and Gold stripes)

Glamour Drain and Illusions

Speaking with Animals

Knowledge of Computers and Security Systems


Amber has long frizzy dark hair, held back by a thick head band. She is tall but solid with athletic muscled arms and legs. Her tall but average shape disguises her surprising weight and strength. She has a warm smile and a rounded face but her blue-grey eyes are piercing. She is a dead ringer for Serena Williams. Her friends would describe her as 'sensible'; she meets all challenges with a clear, level-head and responds well in a crisis. Her people skills are somewhat lacking however, and she can come off a bit insensitive and overwhelmed in social situations. She has to tolerate a surprising amount of racism and sexism, which she doesn’t take lightly but tries to be enlightening where she can.

She has a dark sense of humour and openly speaks her mind, which doesn't grant her many favours. She has an innate desire to help others (a trait inherited from her father), and decided to join the unfortunately named 'Bludhaven Bombers' when she saw their loyalty to the city and their abilities to help fight injustice together. After several gunfight encounters, she has discovered a remarkable ability to literally dodge (or block) bullets, granted her the name 'Blockade'. Her forcefields have grown in power and can take on many shapes. As of yet her forcefields are still invisible, which has led to a few accidental collisions with her teammates.

In her spare time, Amber watches TV (usually her favourite show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), reads classic novels and spends time with Christie. Lately her duty to Bludhaven has, to Amber's building guilt, resulted in abandoning Christie for long periods. But she continues to leave her alone in the flat, as secretly she enjoys the freedom and her new companions. Amber typically wears her work attire of a black shirt, grey skirt-apron and leggings. She rarely dresses up and always opts for practical over fashionable, but when the occasion calls for it she goes all-out in an elegant low-cut dress and heels.

She is obsessed with keeping fit and healthy, and frequents the gym for work out sessions and goes for morning runs. She hates Bludhaven “cuisine” and typically buys raw groceries to make her own home cooked meals (just like her parents), which range from healthy salads to comfort food depending on the mood/season.

She enjoys the company of Llynos and Sam the Werewolf and prefers to team up with Jack or Clive in a crisis, despite his racial intolerance, they work surprisingly well together. The rest of the group she reserves a healthy amount of suspicion, especially in the case of Zander, who also receives angry glares, and witty comebacks.


Amber Blake was born to parents Rose Maynard Daly and Lamar McCune Blake on June 14th 1971 in Washington D.C., they work as a Biochemist and Doctor respectively. Lamar's Grandparents changed their name from Brown to Blake when they moved to Washington in the 1920's, 2 generations prior. The family Brown were slaves in the American South and after the abolition of slavery in the 1860's, they kept the name while readjusting to their independence, but felt that 'Blake' was an appropriate change for their new start. Rose’s family (Daly) were from New York. Rose and Lamar eventually met and studied together at Howard University before their marriage in 1969.

When Gotham shut down and became blocked off from outsiders, reports came in from the neighbouring city of Bludhaven, which seemed to have taken the greatest toll. Amber's father decided that the people of Bludhaven needed his medical expertise more than Washington did and knew he had to go to help people in need. This revelation came at the same time that Rose received a job offer, there was a biochemist position open at Lawtech, and they liked her innovative work in the field, so the Blake's decided to move, uprooting Amber's life and relationship with her girlfriend Christie.

In late 1996, Amber ran away with Christie and they moved to a shabby apartment in the city of Bludhaven and Amber took a minimum wage job as a bartender at The Blue Moon. She had to deal with drunk ‘male white privilege’ scumbags every night and this one dark, sexist freak who always sits in the corner, but otherwise it was decent work. It pays the bills after all.

Going to and from her apartment, Amber met a middle-aged Welsh woman who cleaned half the blocks of Bludhaven, Llynos, and made her first Bludhaven friend. She felt a connection with the eccentric cleaning lady, but she wasn't sure why. She prayed it wasn't some weird lesbian thing since she often didn’t get to spend time with Christie thanks to night shifts.

But thankfully Llynos is just a good friend and occasionally they would walk home together after Amber finished her shift. One such night, when walking along the waterfront with Llynos, she found out the mysterious powers they both had in common, and her life was changed forever as two young men ran in front them while gunshots fired from a warehouse nearby...

More Recent Story

During the time travel chapters in Ancient Rome, Amber was 'chosen' by Lord Hydwyr as one of the Fay, she experienced strange itching from invisible bracelets on her wrists. Eventually she discovered her Fay form when angered, transforming into a stunning figure in a luxurious red and blue ballgown with 2 double axes by her side and murdering every enemy in sight as if possessed. She has no memory of this, but is now one of the Fay, able to drain and use glamour and is bound to every other Fay.

She benefits from additional powers and an animal form (that of a tiger with black and gold stripes), she can speak with animals and has summoned a Raven (munnin) as her companion as she dislikes and feels uncomfortable using technology. She has also found herself bound to her friend, the werewolf Sam, who sacrificed himself to become one of Lucifer's Boodhounds in order to rescue Amber from Hell. Unable to leave him there, Amber asks the Fay for help and the Queen herself sacrifices herself to grant Amber access to Hell to parlay with Lucifer and offers to open negotiates with him in the upcoming War.

As a side affect of this however, Sam now sees Amber as his Alpha and is unable to detach himself from her. Utterly devoted to her, Amber will never return him quite the same affection due to her relationship with Christie and her own sexuality. It is a doomed 'ship.

Using Odin's pen to end the time travel chapter where the group found themselves stuck in Bludhaven '97, Amber writes herself a letter from the perspective of Christie, so that she would find the group again without the Bludhaven bombing and they could stay together. Amber had the choice to walk away and not become a Fay again, but she had to trust Christie's letter and therefore re-enters the same "superhero" group and Fay contract before the impending War.