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Player NPC
Other Aliases 0001
Species Elf
Gender Male
Age Several weeks
Place of Origin Santa's Workshop
Occupation Slave
Relationships Ryoma
Known Abilities Immortality

Dimensional Travel

A really sad elf created by Ryoma during the 2016 Christmas Adventure. After donning Santa's clothes, Ryu decided he wanted to try and make an elf to help the group find their way around the workshop. As he thought Santa's elves were essentially slaves, he created an elf slave wearing a burlap sack and shackles. The elf wasn't helpful at all.

The elf was given to Ryu by Santa as a 'gift' before he was sent back to Earth. Ryu decided to name him Bill, but Bill insists he doesn't have a name, only a number. Bill is constantly depressed, and despite the best efforts of the group and Ryu, he refuses not to be a slave. Bill has attempted to take his own life, but he is unfortunately immortal. Bill attempts to do helpful things such as making tea and giving massages, but mostly just ends up hurting himself. Bill has been the centre of many moral dilemmas for the group, including 'is it rape if Ryu said it was okay and Bill refuses not to be a slave'.

Bill is currently in Hell attempting to attack demons, after Jim ordered him to kill The Inquisition.