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The Enki stand at around 4ft tall, and look like much smaller humans. Other than their size, there is very little that distinguishes them from their much taller cousins, other than perhaps a long pointing of the ear, which the Enki often hide in long hair, or with hats or headbands. Enki can be born to humans, and two Enki may produce a human. Over the centuries, the Enki have gathered together in communities, and have claimed this name for themselves.

Unlike their human cousins, the Enki appear to have a raft of natural abilities. Some are able to see as the Elves do in low light, some are able to feel the ebb and flow of nature, some are more attuned to the arcane than humans. These anomolies brought them to the attention of the Mage Collages, which meant that many of them were used for experimentation. This led to the Enki being very guarded about what their abilities might be.

There is still much suspicion around the Enki, with folklore from the Wild Times still being very much part of the knowledge of the Country Folk.

Despite this, the Enki do not suffer from the ostracism of the Strygath.

The Enki do have a reputation for having fiery tempers, but many of them strive to keep such a temper in check. Most Enki will not act on their anger.


The Enki have been attested too since the Wild Times, and were thought to be the source of the tales of changeling children, as they were born to two human parents. Over the centuries, the Enki have gathered themselves together in small villages and townships, and formed their own community.