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Hurn the Hunter

Hurn most often appears as a humanoid, often wearing the pelt of a powerful animal, a bear, or a stag. He is a often depicted holding a bow, or a spear, with one hand, and his other hand on the hilt of a hunting knife.

Hurn is an essential God in the world of Dellan. While much of Dellan has begun cultivating animal meat in the forms of cows and goats, food is often supplemented from the animals that are caught in the many wild places. Even in places where food is plentiful, like Elmar or Ithica, Hurn still watches over the slaughterhouses, and other places where food is killed ready to eat.

Hurn encourages those that kill to eat to respect those lives they have taken.


Hurn was born in the very first chase of a hunter for it's prey. Clerics differ on if Hurn was the instigator of the hunt, or if he was born of the first blood spilled, and unlike other Gods, his origins is not wrapped up with his belief.


Hurn is worshipped through small offerings by many a hunter. These are often placed at trees by the edge of the forrest. Small carvings made of the bones of hunted animals, or offerings of a pelts or hooves and feet.

Hurn despises the idea of hunting for sport, knowing that the terror of the hunt should only be inflicted on something for food. He despises hunters who would torture their food, or not finish the hunt. He can be very ruthless in his retaliation against a hunter who intentionally leaves an animal to bleed to death. One should not hunt more food than one needs to survive. This does not mean that someone cannot hunt for money, for people need money to survive, but rather that someone should be careful how much they take.

It is for this reason that the use of traps and snares is not common in Dellan. The wrath of Hurn could leave someone hungry for too many months. Those that do use traps will often return to them often, or build traps that an animal can escape from if the hunter is not able to return in a timely manner.

Hunting during mating season, and killing prey animals without provocation can also earn the ire of Hurn.

Clerics of Hurn

Clerics of Hurn are often master hunters, or those that are training to be. They value patience, stealth, and honesty. They are often quiet, used to spending many hours alone and still, waiting for prey. Though gifts granted by their god, they will often hunt only specific animals; the weak, the dying, the diseased, in order to keep the eco-system functioning. They will also be called upon to hunt those animals who have become a danger to others. Sometimes this is the bear that has got a taste for human flesh; sometimes it is the the person that hunts with no respect.

The primary circle for Clerics of Hurn is Hunting, followed by Nature.