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Josiah Benjamin
Player NPC
Other Aliases N/A
Species Human
Gender Male
Place of Origin Earth
Occupation Councillor / Mayor
Known Abilities N/A

A hilariously corrupt and racist Councillor, later the Mayor in the original timeline. Councillor Benjamin called for reform on the laws surrounding vigilantes and 'super criminals' after The Bludhaven Bombings. He later successfully created a database for 'super powered individuals', and required any and all supers to register themselves with it or face arrest. Registering with the database would also lead to the super being arrested.

Mayor Benjamin partnered with LawTech to create a fleet of 'anti-super' police robots. While they initially were used to protect the public, they were later used to gun down civilians. The group discovered the robots were using human brains to function.

Mayor Benjamin was instrumental in the creation of 'New Haven', essentially a walled slum, where the poor, the disabled, people of colour and anybody else he found undesirable were forced to live. During the New Haven plot, the group successfully staged a coup by kidnapping the mayor from his mansion. Josiah was arrested by Sandra Draephus for his crimes, and the group helped to install a new government in Bludhaven.