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Knights Of Ithica

The honourable, law-abiding peace-keepers of Dellan.

The Knights were originally formed to protect the city of Ithica during the Obsidian Revolt, but that was several centuries ago, and many consider the war myth. The Knights are bound to their code, and would rather die than betray it, or the city of Ithica. They have found a role for themselves in this time of relative peace as “peace-keepers”, theif takers of the lands of Dellan. Negotiated treaties allowed the Knights free access into every city, with no door being locked to them. Any Knight refused entry is legally allowed to force their entry, when in search of their prey. The Knights are staunchly Lawfully Good. They are unbribable, and they are unwavering in their duty to ensure that the peace of Dellan continues.


  • 0 oi (Of Ithica) - Ithica is protected by their founder, and their army of misfits
  • 20 oi - As Ithica begins to grow, it is necessary to protect the (now aging) Royal House. The Royal Guard is formed.
  • 423 oi - As the Obsidian Revolt begins, a new form of army is required. The standing army of Ithica is fighting on many fronts, and new, and different way of dealing with the skirmish tactics of the obsidian revolt is needed. These are the Royal Knights.
  • 599 oi - The Obsidian Revolt comes to an end with the Act of Peace. The Royal Knights are disbanded, and are reformed as the Knights of Ithica.


The Knights of Ithica have a multitude of worshippers in their ranks, but one of the prayers that has become tradition is the following prayer, said at funerals of Knights since their founding.

May your arm always be ready,
May you always fight with the sun,
May you battle with honour,
Until the war is won.
-- Traditional Knights of Ithica poem for the dead.