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For all of our out-of-context roleplay quotes and jokes... please add more!

After Peter makes a bad dice roll

GM: The dice really hate you, what did you do to them?

Alex: Nothing!

Gemma: Weren't they a gift from someone?

Sarah: Yeah, Josh gave them to you.

While looking at a wardrobe full of bondage gear in Sam's room in the road house

Llynos: Oh! It's all of Sam's dog leads!

- Zara

While discussing nipple tassels for some reason

Llynos: Oh! Sam made me wear some of those once!

- Zara

You can be my proxy arsehole!

- Aimee

After murdering several Nazi's the week before

Can we be less 'kill-y' today?


After walking into literal Hell

It's as hot as Hell in here.


I blow the Nazi!


Everyone in the ritual feels a strange sucking sensation.


Friday: Can I level up from Dead to Alive?

Phil: No.

-Friday & Phil

Eostre: I need you to be less horny.


Sam: Are you trying to whore me out to the dragon?

Viktor: Yes.

-Sarah and Josh

I am the Ghost of Christmas Dragon past.


You take 9 points of damage because you just got high-fived by a Dragon.

-Phil (to Gina/Friday)

Zander: But is saving Gina still Heroic?

Jim: We've saved her this many bloody times we might as well do it again.

-Eleanor and Andrew

That's the most amount of damage I have done to Amber ever, and I had to land on top of you with a Dragon.


GM: What do you intend to trade for the corset?

Eostre: Sexual favours!

-Phil & Aimee

Eostre: All I know in Russian is 'yes', 'work', 'toilet' and 'Happy Ending'.


Can I have sympathy EXP for being bad at sex?

- Andrew

Matt: Just take the nightmares!

Alex: I don't want any nightmares I've got enough problems!

Zander: Hey baby, how about waxing my pubes?

- Eleanor

Dear Father Loki, please give me a BDSM Gnome for Christmas. Love, Zander. xox

- Eleanor

Stephanie Secret: But you had BATHS and everything Mam! It's not like you were wearing swimsuits!

-Stephanie Secret(Phil) to Sam, Llynos and Jim

Werewolf: You're the spawn of Satan!

Sam: Hey!... Wait, no, that's true.

- Phil & Sarah

Ryu: What was the flash?

Naga: An idiotic superhero?

- Josh & Phil

Rei: I put the bells on my thong.

- Zara

Penises don't have a centre.

- Phil

Guldar: I am NOT firing pandas into the sun!

- Alan

Rick: This guy is dying and you're taking him to a gay bar??

Amber: It's what he needs!

- Josh and Gemma

Rei: How's the family?

Wes: Still dead.

- Zara and James