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Tenebris is the sibling god of Helios, most often depicted as the Moon. Technically the God of the Dark, Tenebris is more often thought of as the deity of the Moon or the Night, to avoid confusion with the Darkness. To them falls the realm of the night, and they are seen as the guardian of sleep.

The night is also the time traditionaly thought of as the time of Lovers, and has become the patron God of lovers, especially unrequited love because of their association with Tenebris' love for Helios. That said, the God cannot influence affairs of the heart, they cannot make one person fall for another. However, many people feel that Tenebris' is an attentive god, and hears their prayers and understands.


Tenebris never wanted for their own glory. When Helios travelled the heavens, Tenebris would watch from the darkness, and ponder where Helios went when they could not be seen. Day after Day (because there was no time marked as night), Tenebris watched as Helios passed by overhead.

Then one day, Tenebris' curiosity got the better of them, and they left the comfort of the planet, and made it's way into the sky, but only far enough to see where Helios had gone, and followed Helios at a distance.

After many days of this, Helios stopped to watch a plant grow, and Tenebris, in their curiosity to see what Helios was looking at, got between Helios and the plant for a better look, blotting out the light of Helios. The creatures of the world shouted in fear at the loss of Helios' light, and Tenebris moved on, afraid that they would be chastised by Helios.

It was then Helios' turn to give chase. After days of chase, Tenebris hid themselves behind a cloud, hoping that Helios would not see them. Helios, however, having lost Tenebris called out to them.

"Tenebris, oh Tenebris" And Tenebris didn't answer. "Oh Tenebris, Oh Tenebris", And Tenebris still didn't answer. So Helios sang, softly "My dear night shadow, my lost and wandering friend, show me your face, that I may sing your beauty". Tenebris, enchanted by Helios' song appeared above the clouds, and Helios shone with delight. Tenebris, delighted to be forgiven for its tresspass shone in response to Helios.

From that day on, the two dance over the sky, one chasing the other in their own cosmic game.