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Troglodytes are humanoid, with thick green-grey skin. They have large eyes that give them good vision in low-light, and darkness. They have long pointed ears which gives them keen hearing. Their bodies are lithe, and strong. They are slightly taller than the average human, but they stoop so that their over-long arms reach the floor. Used to hunting prey in the dark, their fingers are sensitive to small vibrations.

They have large noses, and some have speculated that they have an equally keen sense of smell.

Their elongated and stretched appearance gives them an unnerving way of movement.


Troglodytes are the result of decades of forced interbreeding between Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, and possibly Strygath. Their fist recorded encounter was below the Kingdom of Genviere in the Confederate Baronies. They were found still living in the catacombs that had been sealed by Genat V. It was speculated that Genat V, upon loosing popular support for the keeping of slaves, sealed those working for the royal house in the catacombs to save the expense of freeing them, or the hassle of having them killed and disposal of their bodies. Against all odds, they found a way to survive in the darkness over the last 450 years.


Troglodytes show some evidence of being social creatures, with at least the basics of following a deity. They are known to leave offerings on alters when in search of healing. The nature of the god is unknown, but it was speculated to be the primitive remembrance of their greenskin forefathers.

Game Statistics


Parry: 20 -25 Dodge: 17 Toughness: 6 - 10 Strength: 5 Damage: D6 - D8 (Bite, Claws) Attacks: 2 HP: 20-40