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Character Profiles

This is a page for player character and notable NPC profiles.

Active Player Characters

The unusual group of people who are legally obligated to protect Prince Rayland of Ithica.



Faisal Moon


Leilani Proudcrest

Revan Solidor

The Sound of Moonlight Over the Crashing Waves

Zaleskar Cindermore

Benched / Deceased Characters


Notable NPCs

Granny Smith - A mysterious old woman met by the gates of Market Town. 'Granny Smith' is not her actual name. She's waiting for Charlie.

Lord Frogston? Frogsworth? Upstart in the Confederated Baronies

Lord K'Ness - Evil? Probably!

Papa Domingo - Patriarch of the Domingo family caravan. It is good to be Papa Domingo.

Prince Rayland of Ithica

Sergei - The party's packmule. If anything happened to him I would kill everybody in this room and then myself.