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Elmar – A cosmoplitan city seeking harmony through understanding.

Elmar is a city that sits on many cross-roads, and as such has become a powerful city of trade. It has never challenged Ithica for supremacy, and seems content to simply make it's money on the back of the taxes. It's laws are simple, and that often breeds tension between the righteous knights, and the citizens of Elmar, who seem to believe it's their right to be able to make money anyway they seem fit.

Guild of Light

The Guild of Light are a rag-tag group of people seeking to protect the world, for a price.

The Guild of Light is a bit of a misnomer. They are so named because they were formed primarily to bring “Light To The Darkness”, though they are also available for hire for many other tasks. They were the group that was called in for everything from guarding caravans, to facing off against trolls, magical creatures, and other difficulties. The members are respected, if not liked. The Guild of Light make their home in the Guild Quarter of Elmar.

Queen Regina Sindar – Queen of Elmar

The current Queen of Elmar. She is a shrewd operator, and is respected, feared, and loved all in equal measure. Her ruthless approach to politics has ensured more freedoms for Elmar than many would have expected. She has started several building projects, many of which are draining the public coffers, but are providing work for his people.

Prince Eliot Sindar. - Prince of Elmar

The Prince of Elmar. Often to be seen at his mothers side. His dark eyes have been much profiled in pictures. It is rumoured that he is seeking a bride, but most of what is known about Prince Eliot is rumour. He likes it that way.