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When the face of Helios shone in the darkness, the darkness was surprised by it's brilliance, and ran. As the light fell on the earth, the earth warmed by it's light wished to respond with greatful thanks after being so long in the darkness. The earth brought forth plants in order to worship Helios, and to demonstraight it's greatfulness to the light. Helios travelled over the earth admiring the plants and the flowers. As Helios travelled below the horizon, the earth worried that that Helios would never return, so it brought forth birds so that Helios would come back again. When Helios rose, it saw the birds and was pleased, it shone brightly, chasing the darkness further away. Day after day, the earth made things to please Helios, and day after day Helios returned.

The darkness grew jelous of the things that had been made for Helios. It was angry that the earth that it had shrouded like a blanket for untoled eaons had so completely forgotten about it. One day after Helios has passed by, darkness snuck onto the earth and made for itself creatures. These creatures would worship the darkness, and would seek them out.

The creatures made by darkness did not like Helios, and would scatter as Helios approached. These creatures began to resent the time that the creatures had with Helios, as in those days Helios moved slowly, and the creatures could follow Hellios to the end of the world, and back again. Helios saw the frustration of the creatures of the dark, and wondered how to help them. Helios pondered how they might make the dark attractive to the creatures made for them.