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Ithica - The de-facto city of culture and power in Dellan.

Ithica is a large sprawling city centred around the Citadel of Illan. It is a prosperous city, and sees itself as the height of culture and order. It is a city that has grown out from it's small beginning, but it is still a fortified city. The walls to the city have never been breached, despite it's numerous gates. It is a city that focuses on civil programs, ensuring plenty of sewers and clean water for it's populace. A place in Ithica is well sought out, despite what some might see as it's old-fashioned approach to policing, and moral order.

Knights of Ithica

The honourable, law-abiding peace-keepers of Dellan.

The Knights were originally formed to protect the city of Ithica during the troll wars, but that was several centuries ago, and many consider the war myth. The Knights are bound to their code, and would rather die than betray it, or the city of Ithica. They have found a role for themselves in this time of relative peace as “peace-keepers”, thief takers of the lands of Dellan. Negotiated treaties allowed the Knights free access into every city, with no door being locked to them. Any Knight refused entry is legally allowed to force their entry, when in search of their prey. The Knights are staunchly Lawfully Good. They are unbribable, and they are unwavering in their duty to ensure that the peace of Dellan continues.

May your arm always be ready,
May you always fight with the sun,
May you battle with honour,
Until the war is won.

-- Traditional Knights of Ithica poem for the dead.

Citadel of Illan

The impenetrable fortress, containing the Royal residence, and city administration.

The citadel was, reputedly, the reason for the roll war. It's design affronted the Troll Gods, or so they said. It's smooth spirals and layered wall made the tower near impenetrable, and it had never fallen. It has become the centre for administration for Ithica, and for most of Dellan. It is the home of the Ithican Royalty, and is a source of pride. The Citadel also contains all of the administration and legal offices for Ithica.

Citadel of Solace

This is the headquarters of the Knights of Solace. It is their major barracks, as well as their training ground. It is a place that is thought of as home by the Knights of Ithica.


Ithica has always been led by single leader, since it's foundation by Ithican Woflsbane. The royal family adopted the honorific last name 'of Ithica' in the year 200.

The Current Royal Family

Prince Ryland Ithica

Youngest Prince of Ithica

The youngest son of the King of Ithica. He is known for being a bit weak, with an over-obsession with women, fine wine, and find food. As the youngest son, however, not many people care.

Prince Mordan Ithica

Heir to the throne of Ithica.

Mordan is the next in line to the throne, and ensures that he lives up to the name of Ithica. He is genial, friendly, and makes an effort to be fair and wise. He surrounds himself with those who's opinions he finds wise, and does not let his rank over-influence those he considers friends.

King Julias Ithica

King of Ithica.

The current King of Ithica. He has been ageing well, and has withdrawn somewhat from duties following the death of his wife, Queen Verity. He was fair and loved by the people, and while he is slowly handing over power to Prince Mordan, the countries know they are in safe hands.


Ithica was founded on the place that the last dragon fell, signalling the end of the Darkness War. Ithican Wolfsbane, along with their companions Dilathia, the Mage, Rumbark the fighter, and Yornasita, the scout are credited with finding the weapon that turned the tide of the Darkness War. The precise nature of that weapon is lost to the annals of history, though many believe that it is the fabled sword of Ithican Wolfsbane, which was translated back to the ancestral home of Wolfsbane at the far end of what is now the Confederate Baronies in the year 300 with great ceremony. It was taken along with the remains of the Heroes of Light, as the came to be known.