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Name: Rei, Kirei Roach (Real name, unknown)

Age: ??? (looks like he's in his mid to late 20s)

Very brief discription

Rei has amnesia. He has no memories beyond 10th September 1986. He has the power of self healing/ regeneration and the power to take away or give others powers, a bit like Rogue from the X-Men. He has not aged since 1985. Rei is struggling with dealing with the loss of the only person he had any affection for, Roy Roach. Who was killed in 9th September 1995.


Rei comes a across as a brash, over-confident and can be obnoxious. He would intentionally say or do outrageous things to get an reaction off others. Most days, Rei would try to find short highs (like violence, drugs, sex and alcohol) to keep himself distracted.


Self healing/ Regeneration – Rei would automatically heals himself between 12am to 1am everyday. If he cuts his hair, it would grow back the way it was. If he was drunk or high (Although I don't know what Red Gen would do to him) he'll be sober again. If he had any injuries they would have disappear. However, if it is more serious, like missing limb, there is a risk that it won't grow back the way it was before.

Transfer - Rei can transfer his own and others' powers.


An elaborate tattoo on his back (He doesn't know how he got it), the middle and ring fing nails on his right hand are missing (He doesn't know how that happen), a missing pinky toe on his left foot (When he blew himself up, the toe was the only thing that didn't come back) and a large scar over his left chest and a smaller one on his back (Where he got shot, in 9th September 1996).


Upper class appartment, in Avalon Hill, that he shared with Roy. Roy had it paid it all off a while before his death. However, the heating and electricity have been cutted. Since Rei never bothered to pay for it.


None. But he makes money by brawling in Cage Fights.


A skilled and a dirty fighter and fairy strong too. A fairly good at video games.