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Player Sarah
Other Aliases Sam Haines

Lord of the Flies

Species Demon
Gender Demon
Age 914
Place of Origin Hell
Occupation 'Independently wealthy'
Relationships Azazel Haines (child)

Denath (ex-partner)

Llynos Wynn-Jones (girlfriend)

Jim Fritz (boyfriend)

Known Abilities Empathy

Fire Creation

Natural Weapons


Scale Armour

Self Healing

Super Strength

Winged Flight


Sam is a ten foot tall dragon-like fire demon. Her true demonic name is Morynenth, but she doesn't like using it. She is covered in heavily armoured red scales and lava plates which have saved her behind more than once. She has a pair of leathery wings which she uses to fly, her full wing span reaching twenty feet in diameter. With pointy horns, teeth and claws Sam is relatively intimidating. She suffers from 'permanent resting bitch face' and emotes very rarely. Although she is fairly androgynous and doesn't care for petty mortal constructs such as 'gender', she uses female pronouns so as not to confuse the human members of the party.

Sam has a human form she uses to blend in and not cause alarm on Earth. She refers to it as her 'flesh prison' and uses it as little as possible. This secondary form is a tall Hispanic woman with long curly dark brown hair and solid gold eyes with slit pupils. She claims she was never able to get the eyes right and just gave up trying to disguise them. Sam is very picky about how she dresses her human form and won't settle for anything less than the latest fashions. She buys new outfits often, as shifting back into her true form will destroy whatever she was wearing.


Sam was born in Hell to her parents Oisinania (a fire demon) and Erkalthroth (an incubus). It was quickly apparent that Sam couldn't control fire, she could only create it, which is an utterly pointless ability in a place that's eternally burning. This disability put her in a poor position, as she was unable to train for the same job as her mother. Sam was ostracized by most of her own kind at a young age, including her own father who moved on very quickly during her childhood. She has a very close bond with her mother, who is the only thing she still misses about home. Sam found herself at the bottom of the demonic hierarchy and was trapped in, literally, a shitty job for the best part of six hundred years.

While living in Hell, Sam had a (relatively) brief relationship with a higher ranking demon named Denath. This relationship ended abruptly after an explosive argument, wherein Sam told him she never wanted to see him again. Shortly afterwards Sam was summoned to Earth by inept Spanish cultists. They had managed to botch the ceremony, and as a result Sam wasn't bound to them and could do whatever she wanted. She killed them all after they attempted to fix their mistake and send her back.

With her new found freedom, Sam spent the next three hundred years goofing off. She 'borrowed' one of the cultist's human forms as a disguise and wandered around the world doing various things including:

  • Terrorizing Spanish peasants
  • Exploring most of 17th century Europe
  • Being a pirate, then living on her dirty pirate money in the Caribbean
  • Pootling around revolutionary America
  • Convincing rich old men to write her into their will, then waiting for them to die and taking all their stuff
  • Opening a speakeasy
  • Appearing on TV as a quiz show contestant

Sam moved to Gotham during the 1960s, where her child Azazel was born. Sam concealed his existence from the wider world, fearful of religious types or other demons discovering them. They moved to Bludhaven after the fall of Gotham, where Sam hired a live-in nanny named Melissa Mcree to keep an eye on Azazel for the rare occasion she had to leave him alone. It was during one of these periods where both Melissa and Azazel vanished, leaving a note that simply said 'The hunters found us'.

More Recent History

Sam ended up in a polyamorous relationship with Llynos Wynn-Jones and Jim Fritz after the time travel plot. Sam had been living with Llynos for several months beforehand, where they infamously slept in the same bed and took baths together. Sam had initially been very suspicious of Jim, assuming he was trying to take Llynos away from her and only very begrudgingly allowing him to be the middle spoon. The three managed to fall into a comfortable triad, although Llynos had no idea she was in a relationship until it was pointed out to her.

Following the time travel plot, Llynos told Sam she was afraid Eostre was plotting to kill her for the slaughter of the druids in ancient Rome. Llynos asked Sam to stay close to her and Sam agreed, offering to kill Eostre if she made an attempt on Llynos' life. As a result the two inadvertently entered into a devil deal. For a time Sam was unable to leave Llynos' field of view, automatically teleporting back to where she was if Llynos moved. However the deal also granted Sam cool new powers, including super strength, the ability to manipulate the emotions of others and resurrection. Not wanting to damn her own girlfriend's immortal soul by completing the deal, Sam was willing to live with this incredibly inconvenient set up for the rest of time. The next day Llynos accidentally created a portal to Hell using Daniel's pendant, dragging the entire party with them including Nina and Stephanie. This was incredibly distressing for Sam, who had been away from home for two thousand years in Hell time and knew she would be in big trouble. The group met with Lucifer Morningstar, as He was the only one who could undo Llynos and Sam's completely awful deal. Lucifer told Sam that she owed Him a demon, referring to her child, Azazel. He also revealed that her ex-partner Denath not only knew about Azazel, but was claiming that she stole the child from him. Llynos gave up her powers to undo the deal she made with Sam, including her demigod immortality. This hit Sam pretty hard, as her previously immortal girlfriend would now get old and die.

When the group made it back to the correct timeline in 1999, Sam discovered her missing son was on the run from 'The Hunters'. The Ramraiders discovered, via Zander's uncle, that The Hunters were a group of supernatural-killing religious extremists that would slay or imprison anything remotely abnormal. Sam found out that Sam Wayland had taken Azazel into the wilderness in an attempt to shake them off. The group decided they would help Sam find her child, and they embarked on a long and very swampy expedition following what little they could find of Werewolf Sam's trail. After a confrontation with a small gang of Hunters that followed the Ramraiders following Werewolf Sam she was reunited with Azazel, but an argument with Wayland over the necessity of taking her child away ruined their friendship.

After a long period of abstaining during group votes and 'not having an opinion' about who should win the war, Sam ultimately decided to side with the rest of the Ramraiders at the apocalypse. She betrayed her own kind by backing Heaven, maintaining the status quo on Earth. During the fight Sam was confronted by her ex-husband, Denath, about being a traitor, a terrible demon and a child kidnapper. Denath also admitted that he had missed her, and told her she should return to Hell with him and rule by his side. Sam told him to fuck off, with backing from her friends.

When the war was over, Sam took her new family on a well deserved vacation to her old mansion in the Caribbean. One night during a lone moonlit walk along the beach Lucifer joined her, revealing to her that she was essentially a free demon and he couldn't force her to return to Hell. He also offered Sam a gift, stating that he liked an underdog fighting against immeasurable odds. Sam accepted the mystery gift with plenty of trepidation, expecting something extremely unpleasant. Lucifer burned a symbol into the back of her hand, three flies circling each other, before he bowed to her and vanished. Becoming the Lord of the Flies is one Hell of a promotion for the worst demon that ever existed.