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The Drogha are demons. They cannot pass for humanoids. The Drogha are generally hairy, often with large tails. They have snouts, or maws, with beastial eyes.


This are bird humanoids. Some are capable of flight, but those who are capable of flight sacrifice their manual dexterity, that is, they don't have hands. The name comes from the ruling cast, the Orinth. The Orinth look predominantly like the mundane owls. Their quick intelligence can often make them seem cold.


The Encanni are you tall, thin creatures, with unnaturally pale skin. Their skin is tinged with often green or red, and their eyes are larg, cat-like, and generally yellow. The Encanni’s limbs are unusually long, often giving them an unnatural way of walking and moving.

The Fey

The Fey are pure beings of magic, and appear as humanoid animals, or other natural things. They can be confused for Dryads or sometimes Tengai. They tend to appear in light, bright colours.Fey are generally curious, and seek mortals that they can take to their realm to dream. They cannot create dreams themselves, only manipulate them.

Minotaur Gentle giants

Centaur Noble Warriors

Succubi/Incubi Emotional vampires


The Elantri are predominantly tree shapers. They believe that all of the magic in the world comes from the trees, and as such that they should be cared for. However, their understanding of cared for means that each tree should grow in a very specific way. They spend their lives hunting for their one tree, the one that they will dedicate themselves toshaping, bounding their essence to the to the soul of the tree to ensure that it grows. They have many similarities to Elves, but their dark skin shimmers green in the light.

True Vampires

Vampires that are born, not made. A race of vampires. They are able to move about in the day time, but their powers are much diminished.

The Orenffal

The orenffal are small humanoid creatures with large eyes. They are generally solitary creatures, but will find small settlements that they will look after. They do this often in practical ways, minor repairs, gathering firewood, and so on. They will stay so long as they are respected.

Zmijudi / Zmija

The Zmijudi are part-humanoid, and part snake. Amongst the Zmijudi, Zmija is used for those who are 'less true' than others. A slur. the Zmija are those who have a mostly human body, but the head of a snake. To the mind of Zmijudi, it is preferable to have the lower half being snake, a human torso with scales, rather than skin, and a narrow snake-like head. The snake head does make language difficult, and the Zmijuidi often have difficulty with "p", "b" sounds, as well as elogating the 's' sound.