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The Obsidian Revolt

For most people, the Obsidian Revolt, and the Darkness War are one and the same events. Events this far back in history are often conflated.

The Obsidian Revolt, however, happened some 500 years after the Darkness War had ended. The revolt was not just one of revolutionary violence, but one of political upheaval. At the heart, was the mistreatment of greenskins, Strygath, and other non-humanoid creatures. The wealth of Dellan was built on the trade, and murder of these creatures. They were used as slaves, and performed many menial jobs throughout Dellan.

Royal Knights

The Royal Guard at this time became stretched beyond their remit. This led to an innovative policy of finding people with unusual skills, and training them not necessarily in the art of fighting, but rather in the art of honour. These new knights became known as the Royal Knights. Their primary purpose was still the protection and preservation of the throne of Ithica, but rather than being trained, as the Royal Guards were to fight in a single unit for large-scale battles, the Royal Knights were taken from all walks of life, with a myriad of skills. In order to take the battle to an enemy that used skirmish tactics, it was necessary to create small groups of people, with a wide selection of skills to achieve seemingly impossible goals. Many saw them as hearkening back to the foundational stories of Ithica, but their creation was driven by necessity, not idle romanticism.

While still very much a single unit, with ties that bound one to another that grew from mutual respect, there were many individual Knights who distinguished themselves. These knights were often noted for their notoriety, rather than their direct military skill.