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Character Profiles

Active Player Characters

Amber Blake

Daniel (I don't know his second name!!)

Guldar Torek

Jim Fritz

Kirei "Rei" Roach

Morynenth / Sam Haines

Rick Urkel Richards

Sam Wayland, Warewolf

Wes Blumenthal

Zander Evans

Benched / Deceased Characters

Clive – Man of mystery and deceit, often called himself 'Schmedley'. He stopped moving after a possession went awry and is currently in Sam Haines' house.

Eostre - A druid with healing powers. She had a tentacle-y staff that was the key to Dagon's realm. She ran away with Jaeger while being pursued by The Inquisition.

Gina Torez – A very unlucky speedster. She turned into an ice dragon, was shattered, and then absorbed by Viktor.

Glory Stuart – Shapeshifter and friend to all animals. She vanished into the night and hasn't been seen since.

Isaac – A punk with a bright green mohawk, lightning powers and a metal baseball bat. He left the group after New Haven.

Jack Lawson – Speedster, heir of LawTech, also known as “The Black Blur”. Current whereabouts unknown.

Llynos Wynn-Jones – Cleaner, Goddess, Nazi-puncher. She gave up her super powers and now spends most of her time with her daughter, Stephanie.

May – Gifted technomancer and engineer. Currently in a coma after helping to save Bludhaven from a nuclear bomb.

Peter Pratvir – Boring history teacher and spider-man. He got mega rich off nazi gold and retired to a more peaceful life.

Ryoma - Samurai with a demon sword. Current whereabouts unknown.

Steve the Finger – He had lives like Mario. Now he's a finger. Last seen being carried by Trevor Knight.

Steve Jones – Metal manipulator and sniper, none could escape from his sight. He was vaporized by Viktor.

Trevor Knight – Psychiatrist with healing powers, also known as “Mutant Angel”. Gifted 'angel' wings by Dagon. He escaped after a confrontation with the group went south.

Viktor – Russian robot man and all-around trouble maker. He vaporized himself shortly after Steve.

Notable NPCs

Angelica Fritz - Jim's daughter. She's currently on her werewolf 'spirit journey'.

Azazel - Sam's child. A young demon with an attitude problem.

Big Bertha - A small-time criminal who became friends with Llynos in prison. She became one of the leaders of New Haven, and may or may not be in a serious relationship with Zander.


Captain Nazi - A super villain developed to be 'the perfect specimen'. Encountered and defeated by the group in 1940s Berlin.

Dagon - A Mesopotamian God who was banished by Lucifer. He really, really wants his power back.

Death - One of the Endless, she guides the recently deceased into the afterlife.

The Inquisition - A group of elder demons who are charged with defending Hell if the armies can't be raised fast enough. Currently pursuing Eostre.

Ithraal - A dragon the group sort-of befriended. Amber trapped her in a bubble.

Jaeger - A denizen of Asgard and Loki's creation. Currently working at the roadhouse.

Josiah Benjamin

Lord Hyddwyr - A fae noble.

Lucifer Morningstar - Satan, The Devil, Lord of Lies, etc.

Lucius - An elder vampire.

Muninn - A Totally Normal Raven owned by Amber. Absolutely nothing to do with Odin.

Nina Allen

Queen of the Fae - The previous Queen of the Fae who sacrificed herself to help Amber.

Rosie Palm - The proprietor of The Five Sisters, aka The Roadhouse.

The Scarecrow - Super villain and all around nasty guy.

Stephanie 'Secret' Wynn-Jones - Llynos' daughter.

Sandra Draephus - A detective at Bludhaven P.D. and ally of the group.

Titchmarsh - A man who just loves plants.

Trinny the Tree - A tree that was used as a shield, re-planted by Eostre outside the roadhouse. There is a high possibility it turned into an Ent and walked away.

Smokey and The Bandit - Two cats that were adopted by the group.

Zander's Uncle - A mysterious, rich elder vampire.