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The Wild Times

The Wild Times are a time when kindoms rose and fell. A time when it is only myths and stories that survive. Some of which handed down through tribal tales, and others recorded in tablets of stone.

Many scholars have attempted to produce some form of order from these stories, but none of them have so far produced answers that fit what scant facts they have.

The Lost Kingdom of Krush

The kingdom of Krush was a prosperous kingdom,who's economy revolved around their extensive collection of philosophers, alchemists and mages. During the Wild Times, Krush was the place to find knowledge on everything. They had the greatest artisans, the greatest teachers, and of course, the greatest mages. It is the mages of Krush that first learned to tame wild magic, to control it, and bend it to their will. (... here the tablet breaks off...)

At the time the land of Dellan was a place full of magic and wonder. Creatures from both dreams and nightmares walked the world. Animals talked, the fay walked abroad, and gods danced with mortals. It was a world full of wonder and nightmare in equal measure. For some, it was paradise, for some it was a nightmare.

(... the tablets here have been intentionally defaced, leaving only confusing references)

... Into this world was born (...) of a metalsmith. Early in his life, (...) gathering wood beyond the walls of Krush. While gathering sticks, a curious wood dryad snuck up on (....), and asked him why it was that they were gathering sticks. (..) was startled, but sat to talk to the dryad. (...) pushed (...) into the fire, and it caught light. In pain, (...) stumbled through the woods, setting the forest alight. (...) watched and laughed.

(... here the narrative breaks off again. This part is more heavily damaged.)

... darkness... ... magic... ... hungry for power... ... quest to save... ... joined the battle laughing...

(.. the narrative ends complete, with the introduction of a Lord of Darkness. The nature of the language suggests that the above narrative has introduced who the Lord of Darkness is)

Beyond the walls of the Kindom of Krush, the self-appointed Lord of Darkness began building an army. The Kindom of Krush had been a peace-loving kingdom, but now they turned their attentions to war. As these two powerful armies clashed, and each reached wider and wider to draw their power. Creatures of Light, and creatures of Darkness swelled the ranks in a battle that torched the land. The mages of Krush could not see a way to defeat the Lord, and so, in dark deliberations, they sought to lock him away. Mages sought to learn the power of Darkness and not loose their mind to it, and Clerics sought permission and quested to become worthy to access the power of light. One night, as the battle raged against the walls of Krush, they had no choice but to put their plan into action. The foged and amulet, perfectly poised between the darkness and the light, and there sought to trap the soul of the Lord of Darkness into the amulet. Too late, Leofwynn noticed the magic coming his way, unable to stop himself being trapped in the amulet, he instead cursed the amulet. So warped and corrupt were these magics that it warped and corrupted the land, destroying the Kindom of Krush, and both armies with it.