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Welcome to the BlackXanthus Roleplay Wiki

This is the wiki page for two long-running roleplaying games.

Below you will find links to the main pages of those games. Feel free to brows the wiki.

You will also find the system for both systems below.

Heros of Dellan Wiki

  • Note* All materials in this section are copyright Xen Bettinson. All rights reserved. Do not use without permission

A Fantasy Roleplaying Game set in the mythical land of Dellan

Character Profiles - A page for information on player characters notable NPCs.

Dark DC Wiki

The Setting is taken from the DC Comic books, using Bludhaven have the base. The plot and characters are inspired by the DC comics.

Game Timeline

Locations of Note in the Game


DC Character Profiles

Game Journals

Out of Context Quote Board

News Publications




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