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The Outlands - Fertile land with unstable governance

The Outlanders are those who have chosen to brave the elements in search of a new life. The Outlands is rumoured to contain a large amount of Gold, Coal, Tin, and Iron, and all manner of other precious minerals. However, life is harsh in the unpredictable micro-climate, sitting as it does at the foot of the mountains, and near the Burning Sands of Reinhold. Famines have frequently caused minor wars between lands over the less important resources like water and food. Since the War of Blood, which involved all of the outlands in all-out war, the region has been generally settled bar occasional border skirmishes. While each area has their own self-styled leadership, the area as a whole generally selects an obvious “first among equals”, who in this case is Baron Zenthar.

Baron Zenthar

First of The Outlands.

Zenthar has high aims. Rising through the ranks of the baronies in the outlands, he is currently “Cheif Baron”, a title that is meant to imply first among equals, though Zenthar is not a man who believes in the idea of having anyone who's anywhere near equal to him. He is ruthless, and feared by most in the Outlands. However, his power does not extend much beyond it.