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Bockland – Criminal Haven.

Bockland is named after Rufus Bock, a bandit and cut-throat. Bockland is a safe-haven for all those who's business could be considered “nefarious”. It is unusual in that it does not have a treatise with the Knights of Ithica, and has resisted all attempts to make one. This thorn in the side of the Knights of Ithica does not mean that the Knights will not follow a quarry into it. Though the laws of Bockland do not count the death of a Knight as murder. There is a permanent blockade around the city, but that has not seemed to hinder it's progress. The Knights have, on occasion, attempted to take the city by force, but have often been driven back by difficulties in the supply chains. The Royalty have never secured an agreement for a full war against Bockland, and while it does have enough Knights to do the job, Ithica is not interested in rocking it's political boat.

Lord Bock

Lord Bock, or, known varyingly as “Pirate Black”, “Jack the Knife”, “Molly Murder”, and a whole host of other aliases which are suspected, and likely a few more that are unknown, is the ruler of Bockland, as much as anyone can rule a collection of thieves, murders, convicts, and fugitives from the Law of Ithica. He is untrustworthy, but holds the respect of many of the underworld of Dellan, and can generally be counted on to be service his own interests.