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Gnomes, also called “halflings”, for being half the height of your average human. They are horders. This leaves many people to believe that they are thieves, but the average gnome is law-abiding and hard-working, most having more than one job to allow them to acquire stuff. It doesn't matter, generally speaking, what the stuff is, so long as it's theirs, and they have earned it. They can be found throughout Dellan, and are, relative to elves and dwarves a more common sight. While gnomes are curious about what stuff might be in far-flung places, they are often too busy aquiring stuff where they are to go looking. Many people find gnomes difficult to tell apart, as seeing their faces is often difficult beneath the colourful scarves, goggles, or other items they are wearing.

Gnomes ware as much of their stuff as they can physically manage. Hanging bits on string, or belts, or in pockets. Stuff is used as a status symbol in gnomish society, and the most unusual item often confers a form of status born out of envy. The problem for most gnomes is that finding rare things is difficult when your busy simply getting stuff. Occasionally, a gnome may fixate on a single type of stuff, be it clothing, or shiny things, and so on. The gnomes will often find themselves wandering off in search of the best example of said item. This is often referred to as their “Heart Quest”, a search to find their hearts desire.