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Democratic Land of Reesh – Small Cities together for protection

Reesh was a political experimenter. He believed that everyone should have the equal say in what it takes to govern. His idea was put into practice in a small city called Omelar. This revolutionary idea spread to the surrounding cities, towns and villages, and they began to band together for mutual support and governance. The land is divided into several regions, each with a regional governor. Each governor rules their land along with a council. Each Govener also sits on the Reesh Council, which is headed by the Democratic Leader of Reesh, a position currently held by Minister Collen. The Reesh Council also has on it several local representatives, also elected. Each region can implement it's own laws, as necessary, but cannot exceed the mandate and rules of the Reesh Council.

Minister Collen

A sharp political operator. Current elected leader of Reesh.