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Revan Solidor
Player James
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 22
Place of Origin Solidor Estate, Elmar
Occupation Vague at best
Known Abilities Stabbing, literacy, floriography and carving


A lean, slightly short, black haired man with bright blue eyes. Very variable clothing, but his standard adventuring outfit is a set of clothes so dirty that they would probably fall apart if they were cleaned. Has a great fondness for daggers, and hoards them about his person. Extremely uncomfortable without at least one on him. A very sentimental person, to the point where he still has a childhood drawing of his old home on him.


Revan Solidor - human

The Solidor family were very rich totally legal (see: fantasy cocaine) merchants living in Elmar. Life was comfortable and easy for Revan for most of his young life and he received a standard noble’s education, learning things such as literacy, floriography and wood carving.

However when Revan was 11 years old, in one of the many political clashes with the knights his mother, Clio Solidor, was arrested and most of their possessions were confiscated. Revan's father, Auron Solidor, began on extensive plans to break Clio free, working tirelessly to overcome justice just once. But one night his father suddenly vanished without a sound or a trace, save for a large red stain on the floor and the ashes of his burned plans. Revan's attempt was more direct, as he attacked one of the knights after they refused to investigate his father's disappearance. He was swiftly subdued, leaving a long scar down the right side his face, and exiled.

Marked by Elmar as a vagrant and left with nothing, Revan grew a burning hatred for the Law and Order that scorned his family, and by extension those who enforce it; especially the knights in Elmar. He trained in thievery and fighting in Bockland in order to best oppose what the Ithicans call justice, gaining a scar across his stomach and another along his left leg; both courtesy of Lord Bock himself. He has travelled to Ithica to find a way to fight against what he believes to be an oppressive regime. Unfortunately, the day after Revan arrived, Ithica exploded.

Coming to terms with his sole purpose in life burning before his eyes as well as the gradual realisation that he might be the bad guy, he journeys to find purpose and to understand what it means to be a “good” person.