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Lord of War does not have a name. Some scholars say that he once had a name, but that it has been lost in the mists of time. Others argue that the Lord of War does not need a name, but rather he is a force of nature.

Lord of War's animal is a roaring Tiger.


Lord of War rose to prominence during the last war against the Trolls. It was his clerics who led the Charge of Ika Pass, a turning point in the war. The clerics that returned from the Pass declared that the Lord of War demanded a purer form of worship from it's adherents, and set about purging the temples from everything that they considered heresy, which included Zenobia. As a result of this purge, much of the history of the Lord of War was lost.

In the last decade, the Lord of War has begun replacing their traditional symbol of a tiger, with that of a black crow, often depicted sat in a tree.

Sacred History

Lord of War's history has been mostly erased by followers of the Lord of War, yet remnants of the past still remain. Some say that the Lord of War was not always about the creation of war, but rather in the protection of the innocent, and those unable to defend themselves. They suggest that the animal under the paw is a mouse, being protected, rather than destroyed by the mighty Tiger. Adherents to this version of Lord of War refer to them to as Zenobia , and suggest that Lord of War should rightly be Lady Zenobia. They suggest that Zenobia does answer their prayers, and more powerfully than the Lord of War, but only when they are defending those less able to defend themselves, or in pursuit of justice.