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The Wat are a singularly unusual race. They are tall, and thin, their skin generally black, or brown. They have a humanoid torso, with the lower half being held up on a long thorax with between 6 and 8 legs. They move rather like a spider. They are a race that is found everywhere on Dellan, but they normally live unseen. They arrive out of nowhere, and spend their lives cleaning sewerers, dealing with corpses, and other unsanitary and odd jobs. As a species they can often be found in the cold and the dark parts, often in large caves under cities. The species finds subterfuge odd, and are biologically incapable of telling a lie. The interactions of other species are generally a mystery. Generally, other species avoid the Wat, the way they move, their constant honesty, and their tendency to work on jobs that other people would find odd, like morticians, cess-pit emptiers, and so on. Generally, Wats do not interact with others of their own species often, and generally you will only find a single Wat in a largish area. A large city, like Ithica, would have about 4 Wats.

Wat's don't appear to have a gender, and reproduction is something that is a closely-guarded secret. Wats appear to be religious in a very practical kind of way. They know that they have been given a task to do by the Weaver of Fate. They claim to be the creation of the Weaver of Fate. As Wats don't believe in anything that they have never seen, it raises some interesting questions.

It is thought that Wats are named because of the first reaction of most people to the Wats. They are, however, named after their discoverer, a Jamie Watson, who was the first to document their existence.

While Wats generally avoid their own species, that does not mean that they avoid others, it is just that the other species find them slightly disturbing. Wats can find themselves wandering Dellan if they are unable to find a suitable patch in which to live and follow their rituals. A Wat who spends too much time in search of a patch is considered to be “A Loose Thread”, and will continue to wander until the threads of fate offer them a place.

Wats can be difficult to lie too. Being eternally honest, they seem to have a knack for deciphering lies in other species. It is unknown if this is an innate trait, or built up from a lifetime of experience. No-one is sure precisely how long a Wat lives, or how to tell how old they are.